Monday, March 25, 2013


Today I am

thankful for a good job
tired of some parts of my job
excited about other parts of my job
thankful for my wonderful husband
thankful that we have a period of time where he is at home
thankful for all the parts of our life that he has willingly taken on during this time
hoping that life works on just my salary
a little stressed about whether life will actually work on just my salary
excited thinking about some family plans we have for this summer
bummed that my kids are home for Spring Break with dad, and I am at work
sad that my Spring Break was 2 weeks ago...and I worked every day
excited about the progress I have made on some big projects for work
overwhelmed by all I still need to accomplish
feeling like I am sometimes (or often) misunderstood
tired of being misunderstood
exhausted from spending the energy life takes sometimes
feelng like right is taking too much energy
hopeful that things have to get better
thankful for old friends (you know who you are)
thankful for new friends (hopefully you know who you are too!)
thankful for excellent people to work with
thankful for people who "get it"
thankful for electric blankets (especially as ridiculously cold it is here still)
amused by how ridiculously cold it is here still
amused that it is the end of March and we still have 2 feet of snow on the ground
happy that my kids can still go sledding because we have 2 feet of snow on the ground
thankful for a wonderful neighbor who has plowed us out each time it has snowed this year
thankful for a wonderful neihgbor who does this just because he can

Today I am many more things than this, even

but mostly today I am excited to look toward the end of the week

to look toward the cross

to look toward the empty tomb

to look toward my Savior who takes me including everything that I am today

everything I have been and everything I will be

and says

You are worth it