Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Road Trip!

Our family went on a road trip this Fall to visit one of my dear friends and her family (bad mom...this post has been living in draft mode for a long time!). They live in Milwaukee, so we got in the car right after the kids were done with school and made the 4 hour trek.

It wasn't a great sign that before we were even on the Interstate headed South that I had given my husband the "evil eye" and the demand that he STOP making sarcastic comments to the 13-year-old, and demanded that the 13-year-old stop being so gullible. The boy's response? "What does 'gullible' mean?"

It was going to be a long trip! Enter the use of electronic devices (yes, parents' of the year here folks), and we ended up having a seamless 4 hour drive. We actually at one point asked the 8-year-old if she was still back there...with no response...

There is nothing like the feeling when you reconnect with a dear friend, is there?!?

The ease of conversation that can pick up from whenever you were last together...even if it has been years. *sigh* That was part of the joy of this weekend.

The other joy? Seeing my big kids embrace my friend's little guy and play with childish abandon. 

It Was A Great Weekend!

See for yourselves...