Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Most Magical Place On Earth!

Delightfully, I got to spend a day on our vacation at the Magic Kingdom. As always, it was magical!

First things first...mom and Aleah went to see some princesses

and Dylan and dad went on Space Mountain and saw Buzz Lightyear
Sounds about right, doesn't it??
It was a good start to a great day!

We drove racecars

Dylan and I rode in a spaceship

We all went "Under the Sea" with Ariel and friends (sorry for the poor picture...didn't know if I should post any from the actual ride)

Mike's favorite part is all the people (insert sarcasm please)
I actually think that everyone at the park this day must have been on this street at this exact moment, because the crowds really weren't too bad!

We of course went on "It's A Small World" and saw the County Bear Jamboree

and of course...Cinderella's castle

It was a magical day...
and a very "romantic" way to spend our 18th wedding anniversary:
almost 12 hours of walking and keeping kids going to get the most out of our one day there.

Really though, I can't imagine a better way to celebrate the 18 years we have been married...
spending it together with our great kids :)

and then we had more adventures in our next days...

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