Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Its not a last...

I wrote this post a little while ago, and decided that I wanted to try to notice more "not lasts" in my life. Another thing that I am thankful I still get to do for my kids is to help them with their school work. It isn't always a joyful time, so I want to focus on being thankful that I GET to do it.

I don't remember homework being such a source of contention when I was little, but then I was the child... not the parent trying to get the child to do it. I was a very different "student" than either of my kids, though. I LOVED to read (like really seriously could read all day...and still could if given the chance).

My kids like to read, and Dylan especially is a very good reader. It is just that, in order to actually read a whole book, you have to sit still, and pay attention, and remember what book you are reading, and where you are at in said book, and...well, you get the idea.

Aleah likes reading as well, but it doesn't come nearly as easy for her as it did for me, or for her brother for that matter. She doesn't like doing something that she isn't good at, so she tends to give up fairly easily if she gets frustrated (hmm...I wonder where she gets that trait...)
So, I am thankful that I am able to help my kids with their school work. Like my parents were able to help me with mine. Now, can someone just come up with an "anti-whining" cure?

(ok, neither of the pictures in this post are actually of me helping my kids with homework, but I started writing this post tonight, and wanted to finish it, and these were the best I could do without waking them both up and posing for a picture at the dining room table with their papers and books, and we KNOW that wouldn't be a good idea!)

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