Saturday, January 21, 2012

In Memory of a Great Grandma

I have gotten behind in blogging since the holidays. I have so many things that are muddling up my brain, so I am going to work on getting some more thoughts out here.

One of the really significant things that happened over the holidays is that Mike's grandma Carmen passed away on New Year's Day. It wasn't really expected, but also wasn't totally unexpected. Either way, it was a really hard thing for all of us.

Mike was really close to his grandma, and our kids had a great connection with her as well. We greatly miss her already. Dylan was really sad once he realized that daddy had lost his grandma. (He was sad about losing his great grandma, but even more sad for daddy). He said that he thought about how sad he would be if he were to lose one of his grandmas. What a sweet boy!

One of his memories about grandma Carmen was that whenever we would visit her, she would smile and "chuckle" (Dylan's word). Other memories that we have are visiting her at her apartment in Fargo, having her at Mike's parents' for holidays, and her wonderful cooking.
Here is a great picture from several years ago at Cousin Andrea's wedding
and the whole family at Sarah and Jesse's wedding in November, 2010

Grandma Carmen, you will be greatly missed.
Love, all of us...

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