Monday, March 12, 2012

Family Trip, part 1

Well, we have been busy this past week (well, we are ALWAYS busy, but we chose to do something to add even MORE busyness) going on our first big family trip. We have gone up to Northern Minnesota to my grandparents' cabin, we go to Wisconsin Dells nearly every year, we go to grandma and grandpa's, and we head to the Twin Cities as a family every so often, but this was the first BIG trip. I had a course I was going to in Alexandria, VA, and very last minute we decided to make it a family trip!

This was the first time the kids rode in an airplane to get somewhere (other than Dylan's trip from Arizona where he was born, to Eau Claire before he became part of our family).

This was VERY exciting for everyone involved (well, maybe more so for the 2 shortest ones in our family)! Mom and dad were less excited since our 6 a.m. flight from Minneapolis meant that we were up shortly after 2 a.m. (after a late night packing, etc.), on the road shortly after 3 a.m., in the security line by 5 a.m., and to the gate at the airport just as our flight was loading. Whew!

Then we had the excitement of the flight itself. The kids were thrilled that we got soda, and on the second leg of our flight, we even bought some snacks for them (yeah, you don't get free snacks anymore apparently...)

and then, as if things couldn't get more exciting than that, there was baggage claim! (Seriously, the kids were riveted by this process!)

I didn't get any pictures of when our bags actually came because it was pandemonium by then (everyone else was fine...just our kids were crazy!)

Then we had a cab ride to our hotel. Also extremely exciting for our small town kids. No pictures of that either...just didn't think of it.

And then we got to our hotel which was one of the swankiest hotels Mike and I have ever been to, let alone the kids, so that was also very exciting. (Thankfully the fancy hotel had a special rate for a course that I went to...the reason we went on this vacation. And even more work was paying for the hotel for the time I was at my course!).

and of course, I couldn't end this post without a few more cute pictures of my kids in front of the hotel!

Well, there you go for the first installment of our BIG family vacation!

Next up...Old Town Alexandria.

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