Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Family Trip, part 2 (or, The Part Where We Spend Time in Old Town)

We spent the main part of our trip right in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, on King Street.

We LOVED the crooked brick sidewalks...so unique!

We enjoyed good food...

Looked at all the old buildings...

Rode the King Street Trolley (Free, and runs all day!)

Enjoyed ice cream...

We ate at Ernie's Crab House (which ironically was out of crabs when we were there)

and just generally loved the time that we spent there!

We did a couple other things in Old Town, but they will probably be posts of their own as this one is long enough already.  As a hint for one of the things that I will post on next, look up what "alchemy" means...we went to a great little museum all about this!

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