Sunday, July 15, 2012


I have been "gone" for a bit...not necessarily always physically gone from home, although we have done our fair share of that, but just busy with other aspects of life.

Most recently, my "extra" time has been spent working on our "Family Book" as my kids call it for 2011. Yes, I realize that it is now 2012.

Each year we give all our grandmas (regular and great (that was just fun to type...all of our grandmas are "great", but you know what I mean...)) a book summarizing our year. It has become a favorite gift, both to give and to receive (or so I have been told).

Well, this year, I didn't quite meet the Christmas deadline that I usually have for myself (come to think of it, I was really late last year too...hmm, I sense a pattern.), so I am finally getting to the final pages of the book that was started long ago (really).

My goal is then to start our 2012 book so maybe grandmas aren't waiting until over 1/2-way through the next year to get their gift. We'll see.

One of my favorite things about making these books? My kids LOVE them! Like seriously pore over them nearly every WEEK! They laugh over the same pictures every time "Aleah, you look like you only have 1 leg in this one. Ha! Ha! Ha!" for the 200th time in the 3 years since I made THAT book. It is one thing that ALWAYS brings the two of them together without fighting (much).

Ok, I haven't even read over this post to see if there is any correct grammar in it. I just wanted to put a note here to remind myself of what I have been doing (and to let all 7 of you know as well).

I have so many other things that I want to blog about and get caught up on, but my external hard drive with all of my pictures decided it was tired, so it is with some nice computer people seeing if they can resurrect it. The prognosis sounds good, at least for the pictures. Once I am fully back up and running, I hope you will see more of what we have been up to again.

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