Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Flying...not in the "airborne" sense of the word, although my 11-year-old is obsessed with that aspect. in "the summer is flying by". Already. in "my kids days and months and years are flying past" in "there were lots of flying creatures out to get me as I sat by the bonfire with my husband last night" in "our puppy appears to be literally flying as she chases our kittens across the yard" in "the pollen is flying all over in our yard...and settling on anything it can" in "I think water balloons will be flying later today since it is going to be beastly hot" in "there are tons of moths flying around in our house lately. Different kinds. Really." in "my son's Buzz Lightyear was sent flying off the deck yesterday" and now has some broken pieces. Lesson in gravity and the properties of plastic.

We have been flying about you?


  1. Anne (is this "my" Anne or someone else entirely??), I don't know about "creative", but I have momentary glimpses of inspiration ;)

  2. Anne Peiris (Goss) - so I think I am "your" Anne. :)