Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Great Lake!

I had an unexpected little vacation this weekend that was such a joy! I had to visit one of my students who is on a clinical experience in Superior, WI which is about 3 hours North of where we live. I had planned to go there and back in the same day which would have been fine, but a lot of driving. As I was driving to the visit I remembered that my parents were camping somewhere "up north" so I gave them a quick call. Turns out they were at a campground about 25 miles from where I would be, and their motorhome had an extra pullout couch just waiting for me! A quick call to my husband later, I had a mini getaway with my mom and dad!

They were there for a campout sponsored by the Minnesota Street Rod Association, and it turns out that Mike and I are members too, so I got my tickets for a free supper, and packet of other goodies and I was good to go! As a bonus, the campground was right on Lake Superior, and shortly after I got there, I looked up to this breath-taking sight:

Wow, what a great lake! Ok, the photos wouldn't go in the order I wanted from my phone...and the weather didn't cooperate for most of the pictures. The rainbow one is the breath-taking one I referred to. is incredible, and incredibly frustrating sometimes!

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