Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My dear husband and I had an unexpected productive evening yesterday! Both of us had had busy days, but decided to keep working on things when we got home: he worked on the playhouse he is building for our kids, and I worked at the unending task of keeping house with a busy family (seriously...how much laundry can four people create? Wait...don't answer that, I think I already know.). After getting the kids to bed, we both ended up in our "den" where we started going through things in our desk. We started throwing away so much old paperwork and all kinds of things. It felt great! (i think we are safe without the insurance statements from 10 years ago...)

Our goal? Ultimately to get rid of the desk entirely. We don't use a desktop computer anymore, and we proved that a majority of what was in the desk was unnecessary. Now to just figure out what to do with the things that still need a home, but don't need to be in our monstrosity of a desk. Any great ideas out there? I'm open to suggestions!

Next up? My bedroom closet! Every year or so I go through and get rid of what I haven't worn in the past year. It is sometimes hard because I think "well, I COULD wear this...", so I have decided to be firm with myself and stick to the plan ;) I love the idea of simplifying. I actually have more thoughts about simplifying, but it has been a long day, so I think that will need to be a post for another time.

We are busy purging in our house and it feels great!

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