Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Family Trip, part 5 (or Where We LOVED the Water)

We had been having very unseasonable warm weather at home when we went on our vacation (now of course, late winter has been showing that it is still around a bit. No snow thankfully!), but it was even WARMER in Alexandria, so...we spent time down by the water. The Potomac River, specifically. We wanted to get to the ocean, but just didn't have the time to fit that in.

So instead, we loved the water in Alexandria (ok, we weren't in the water, but we enjoyed the waterfront "Ok kids, just walk past this guy up here"; "But why...we like magic shows!"; "Well yes, but we can't be patrons for the 49 different street performers here, so we aren't going to stop by any of them because then we will be a magnet for all the others"; okay, maybe we didn't really say that last part, but we did say the first part!)

and loved our ride on a water taxi...

Mama and her girl

Dad and his kids
(if you ever think there are more pictures of Aleah on my blog, it isn't related to importance or anything, it is just a lot easier to catch her because she doesn't move nearly as fast!)
 and we loved the water in National Harbor, Maryland...

Nothing like a sweet picture of your precious girl cosied up to a nostril

Yep, just to prove that we were there together.

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