Saturday, April 28, 2012

Family Trip, part 8 (or, Where We See The Botanical Gardens and the Capital)

One of our other favorite parts of our trip to DC was seeing the Botanical Gardens at the Capital.
Part of the highlight of this was that we got to take the Metro to get there.

Then had a snack from a street vendor

and got to see a Washington DC squirrel (this was VERY exciting to Aleah)

Then...(in no real particular order because I am too lazy to re-order the pics once I uploaded them) the botanical gardens

One of the very few pictures of mom...courtesy of dad :)

These next photos are courtesy of Dylan. It is so fun to see things from his perspective!

and...the Capital

We sure do have a beautiful capital building! 
While we were there, it was undergoing some renovations to help it stay that beautiful.
Do you see Aleah in the bottom corner?

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