Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Family Trip, part 6 (or THE PEEP STORE!!)

During our visit to National Harbor, one thing I KNEW we needed to make time for was a visit to The Peep Store. If you know Aleah at all, you know that she has a sweet tooth that is unparalleled! Anything sweet, of any kind, and she is in love, so...she LOVES peeps (what's not to love, right...marshmallow (pure sugar) covered in pure sugar). Dylan even was majorly excited when he heard there was a store in the area and said that we NEEDED to go there.

With much more credit to my husband than to me, we avoided purchasing any of the peep pillows, peep plush toys, peep t-shirts, peep caps (you get the idea), and only purchased...PEEPS.
Dylan--yellow (a purist); Aleah--purple (because...its purple)

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