Friday, April 13, 2012

Family Trip, part 7 (or, While Mom Was At Her Class for Work)

I should have Mike "guest write" this post since I don't really know exactly how everything happened when I was at my class over the weekend, but I don't exactly picture him sitting down to write a blog post.

Well, you'll have to just deal with my interpretation (and likely just lots of pictures without much explanation...)

So, first stop was the Air and Space Museum

Always pushing buttons ;)

Not sure what the story is here...the weather was warm but these people are clearly ice skating...

Next was the Museum of Natural History

"Give me gum gum..." (movie reference anyone...)

Someone isn't very happy...


True story. This is the Hope Diamond. Mike said to Aleah "You need to make sure you find a boy who can buy you a diamond like this". Immediately, Dylan asked "Me???" Another person there who heard the exchange actually started laughing :)

This is good!

because this is my kids!

The budding photographer

and the final proof that they were on this part of the trip with daddy...souvenirs!

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