Saturday, August 18, 2012


My baby girl is 7. Well, she actually turned 7 on July 26th, and we have been celebrating in various ways since then it seems! We finally had her "friend" party this week, so I think the major parties are all complete.

Party #1: at Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Gene's house while we were on vacation. The night before, and morning of her actual birthday.

Birthday 4-wheeler ride with daddy!

Birthday morning pancake
Party #2: At Family Camp with Grandma Sue, Grandpa Dale, Aunt Krista, Uncle Greg, and cousins. On her birthday after travelling from our other Grandma and Grandpa's to camp. The camp staff even made her a birthday cookie!

Party #3: Once we were back home, a couple weeks after her actual birthday.

She had been to the dentist that morning, and bit her lip when it was numb, so we have great documentation of her fat lip at her party!
Party #4: Well, party #4 probably deserves a post all it's own (and I need to track down the pictures before I can write about that one!). This party was just a couple days ago, and was great fun!

I can't believe that my princess is already 7, and will be starting 2nd grade very soon! Sometimes time just needs so slow down a bit...

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