Saturday, August 18, 2012

Party #4: Old-school style

**I apologize ahead of time for the poor pictures in this post. My nice camera was MIA so this is a combination of pictures from my phone and an old camera**

As I shared in my previous post, we celebrated my daughter's 7th birthday with a "friend party" just a couple days ago...several weeks after her actual birthday.

She didn't really know what she wanted to do for her party (other than things that were really expensive!) so mommy took charge and decided to do a party like I always used to have when I was little. "old-school party" needed to have:

Some "Pin the tail on the donkey" (a classic!)

 Some clothespin dropping (is there an actual name for this game??)

Some crafting (foam door hangers...thank you Dollar Store!)

Showing off their finished projects
Some tire-swinging

Some swingset playing (ignore the weeds in the sandbox please)

Some horn blowing and present opening

Some silly playing (found fun dress-up kits on clearance that were our party favors!)
ok, this picture is really terrible, but the activity was too fun to not include! They all sang a couple songs together. Hilarious!
Some supper eating

Some pinata breaking

and finally, some cake-eating (Missed getting any pictures of this somehow...)

All in just over 2 hours. This momma was really tired after that whirlwind!

An "old-school" party?  Just what the girls needed!

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