Friday, August 17, 2012


We are working on enjoying our last few precious days of summer. I go back to work next week already. My kids go back to school a couple weeks after that.

There are parts of me that are always excited about Fall coming...great weather, new students, returning students, schedules (yes, that is a good thing to me!), the excitement of my kids starting a new year...

But there are also parts of me that are so sad to see summer go...great weather, no students :), no schedule (yes, that is also a good thing to me!), the excitement of my kids having time to just be kids...

Oh, the dilemma this creates! Guess I will just have to enjoy both while I have them!

I promise a post with pictures soon. My camera went MIA, but it is found again now!

Off to run errands with my 2 favorite little people (when they aren't at each others' throats), then to get ready for the reception and dance for some of our other favorite people! My kids were in the wedding earlier this summer, and now we get to celebrate again! Pictures soon I promise.

Then, I think we are going camping as a family for a few days (daddy joining us in the evening after work).

Can't imagine a better way to enjoy our last days of summer!

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