Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas, part 1

We have had many phases to Christmas for our family this year, and I feel way behind in documenting them. Our first "Christmas" came when the kids opened their presents from Dylan's older brother (remember Dylan is adopted, and we have the joy of still being close to some of his birth family). The kids absolutely LOVE Trin, and anything from him is absolutely treasured! This year Dylan got a K'nex set, and Aleah got a princess playhouse that you can color.

Oh, actually our first Christmas was opening their presents from Dylan's "Gramma Judy" earlier in the week. Then they got their presents from Trin.

(I think Dylan is excited, don't you?)

Yes, they are opening their presents at a skating rink. Isn't that where you open presents??
Remember that he won?
Well, Dylan's brother and cousin were some of our guests for that day.
Somehow I missed getting any pictures of them.
Probably because they are now 19 and 15!

So, that is the first installment of Amundson Christmases. How many more will there be? I'm not even sure yet. I guess we'll all know when I get to the end of them!

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