Thursday, December 15, 2011

What I want to be busy with

The days are just going by too fast!
It is the end of the semester
There are tests to write
Tests to give
Tests to grade
Skills tests to do
Assignments to collect
Assignments to grade
Students to meet with
Projects to work on
Spring classes to prepare
Fall classes to wrap up
and then...

a family to spend time with
backpacks to unpack
folders to review
books to read
homework to help with
meals to make
a house to clean
laundry to do
pets to care for
kids to play with
husband to spend time with
friends to spend time with
Christmas to prepare for
decorations to put up
gifts to wrap
cards to get mailed
Christmas programs to prepare for
Christmas baking to do

and really,

All that matters is that
I love my Savior
I love my life
I love my family
I am so thankful
for this season to rejoice
and focus on the baby
in the manger

That is what I want to be busy with today

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