Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas, part 3

Ok, this is maybe cheating a bit, calling this post a "Christmas", but Christmas Eve morning, our kids opened their main gift and a couple other gifts. We did this partly so they could enjoy them that day, and partly so our big Christmas Eve celebration that evening would be a bit more simple. As you will see in my next Christmas post, that celebration is always far from simple, but anyway...

Christmas Eve morning...

Their main gift this year was a keyboard.
Dylan will be starting lessons in a week
(he just doesn't know that yet
not sure if he will be excited or not)

How's this for an excited face?!?

Aleah's gift from Dylan
(huge container of gumballs--there is nothing better in her book!)

Dylan's gift from Aleah
(Hoopla by Twister. We haven't played it yet, so don't know if it is fun or not)

Snow tubes
(Nothing more to say about these really.
Love his awkward smile and her enthusiastic one!)

So, a successful morning was had by all

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