Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Pictures

Late this past summer, we decided to have a life-long friend of mine (who is a wonderful photographer) take pictures of our family. We hadn't had family pictures taken for years (other than the picture for our church directory :)). Now, most people would choose a photographer that is in their town, or at least fairly close to them. We chose a photographer that lives about 9 hours away from us! So...we incorporated the photo shoot into a bit of a road trip. We spent about 1 1/2 weeks spending time with friends and family, with a stop at my cousin's in North Dakota (which also happens to be where our chosen photographer lives!). We got to have a great visit with my cousin and her family, and got some great pictures of our family!

Yes, this lush, green setting is in North Dakota!

We got some great unique shots that we already treasure!

Mr. GQ and the Princess

There was a beautiful old library

and a beautiful park

The many faces of Aleah

and the consistent smile of Dylan!
(Seriously, he smiles great for every picture!)

Photos by Sara Lovro Photography


  1. I'm definitely "bookmarking" this blog as one that I will stalk regularly. You have such a way with words ... makes for a very entertaining read. :) It was great seeing you this summer. Maybe, one day, I'll make it to EC, WI!

  2. Gorgeous photos. I love them all - but my favorite is the one of you and hubs holding hands and your kids off in the distance. I also love the last one.

  3. Debbie, those are some of my favorites too! Also love the "crabby" one of my daughter!