Thursday, October 6, 2011

Herbs and cheesecake

Ok, this is probably not worthy of being my 2nd official blog posting, but it is amusing me right now. I am sitting typing this, eating a little slice of heaven: Kahlua chocolate cheesecake from one of our favorite restaurants in town. I haven't had dessert there before, so this was a new-found joy!

I had an acupuncture appointment this afternoon (very interesting, but I am not in the mood tonight to get into details of my thoughts on the whole deal). My acupuncturist gave me 2 "herb patches" to put on my back when I went to bed tonight to help extend the treatment. He gave them to me with the warning that they are "stinky". He said he doesn't mind the smell, but some people think they smell like "poop" (his words). Well, I would have to agree with him that I don't mind the smell...a mix of herbs and IcyHot is the best description I can come up with. They do not smell like poop, but as my dear husband so elequently described as he was putting them on my back, they look more than a little bit like baby poop smeared on a maxi pad.

My upper back is currently slightly tingly from these patches of unknown herbal derivation, my cheesecake is almost gone, and I have a lovely cup of hot herbal tea sitting next to the bed (apparently warm liquids help the herbs work better on your body...). To top off my current state of bliss, I have an angelic-looking 6-year-old sleeping on the bed next to me (a special treat when a babysitter puts her to bed).

Well, my tea is calling me. Have a lovely Friday everyone!


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