Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pleasant Valley Tree Farm

We had a perfect Fall outing today! We went with great friends to a great place!

It had a hay play structure complete with tunnels, ladders, and lots of places to climb!

These are the beautiful friends I got to spend the day with!

These are the great friends my kids spent their day with!

There was a fantastic corn maze...

Fantastic Fall colors, sunshine and blue skies...

A corn "gun"

A pumpkin cannon...

that shot pumpkins over the trees in the background (they were a LONG ways away!)

Fun activities including these slides (they were GREAT for racing!)

and this 80 foot slide
(yes, Dylan went down it many times; yes, I went down it too; no, Aleah didn't get anywhere near it!)

Some great spots for a nice rest

I didn't get any cozy pictures of me and Dylan because he wasn't still long enough for one
(you also probably heard him today (I don't care where you live))

There were lots of great spots for photo ops
(not that I would know anything about that...)

There was a "Spooky" nature walk

It included lots of ghosts, goblins, skeletons, and even a "spooky" covered bridge!

There were tons of games through the whole place (ring toss, beanbag games, mini golf, and many more!)

It included a "hay ride" (minus the hay) through beautiful hills and trees
This is Wisconsin after all!

All-in-all it was a "frightfully" good day!

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