Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WI Great Northern Railroad

Oh, the fun outing we took this past weekend with great friends! We went on a dinner train ride in a restored train (I think the dining car was from the 1920's).

We waited in the club car before we could board the dining car

The dining car was beautiful

Our meal was lovely...this was our salad and cheese plate. I apparently forgot to take pictures of any of the other courses. We also had a tasty soup, wonderful meal (prime rib for me!) and turtle cheesecake for dessert!

We rode on the train until it was dark outside

(This was done by sticking my head out the window and snapping ahead of us...probably not my smartest decision ever, especially since we had been told that the windows had a tendency to slam shut without warning)

I was prepared for a fun evening with friends (what evening with friends and no kids isn't fun?!?)

I was prepared for a nice dinner (the menu had sounded good at least)

I was prepared for the novelty of riding a train for the first time (at least I can't recall any other time)

What I wasn't prepared for was all the wonderful colors and textures in an old train and train station (how delightful!)

Lovely ceilings...

Wonderful doors and fasteners...

Vivid reds...

Faded greens...

It was all just absolutely delightful! I highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun, unique excursion. Thanks for joining me on our fun trip! Let me know if you find a "must do"!

Happy exploring to all of you,

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