Sunday, October 9, 2011


We live in the country and have lots of trees in our yard (read: 50 mature trees that are mowed around). We have joked that we should sue the people we bought our house from for false advertising...all the leaves were ON the trees when we bought the house! As you can imagine, this time of year (although I do still love the crunch of leaves under my feet), our yard is taken over by a thick carpet of leaves. A thick carpet of leaves that must be removed by some means or another. The first year we lived in our house, Mike wanted to purchase some form of machine to help with the process. Me, being the very fiscally aware (read: cheap) person that I am, said that it was ridiculous to buy something of that magnitude; we surely were able to rake and gather all the leaves by ourselves. Well, several FULL days later (days that were devoted solely to the raking and removal of leaves), when I looked up at all our lovely oak trees and saw all the leaves that were yet to fall, decided that maybe purchasing some equipment to help with the process wasn't such a bad idea after all! (Notice that this is actually an admission that my dear husband was right.)

So, for the past many years my dear husband has driven around and around our yard with his faithful lawnmower and leaf picker-upper thing. This thing is truly amazing. It is like a HUGE vacuum cleaner that gets pulled behind the lawn mower, sucks up the leaves, mulches them, and then compacts them. When it gets full, it gets brought back in our field and added to our leaf pile (which by the way is where our pumpkins and gourds just magically grow out of every year).

Well, this year, there has been a changing of the guard! For the first time, our 11-yr-old was given the opportunity to try his hand at being the leaf picker-upper guy in our household, and he did a fantastic job! (He did wear ear protection while he was actually mowing. This was just a smile for a picture!)

Can you see where he has gone?

The triumphant warrior at the end of the day!
It was definitely a shower night.

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