Monday, October 24, 2011

Girls' Weekend

The guys were gone this weekend (I'll have to have my dear husband guest host and post about their weekend!)

This meant that Aleah and I had a weekend to ourselves!
So, what do two "girls" do with a whole weekend?

Get together with special friends for lunch

Redecorate a room


This was the 6-year-olds idea, but the ambition wore out pretty quickly for her!

Play games (in our pj' the afternoon)

Do some more decorating

Play with very "girly" toys

Watch cartoons all morning

Enjoy a special treat late at night

Go out for supper (gourmet, I know, but it is this girl's favorite!)

Get manicures

We also got to have long talks laying in bed, lots of giggles, lots of "mom, come and see..." related to whatever activity was going on at the moment. Lots of "I love you, mom!", lots of snuggle time, good nap times, no "real" meals (girl is the snack queen!).
It was a GREAT weekend! Can I have another please?

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