Monday, October 24, 2011

Ode to My Shark Steam Mop

Oh, my new Shark Steam Mop

Once I started cleaning I didn't want to stop

You use only water

which is so much healthier for my son and daughter

You sanitize my floors

which makes me happy to do my "chores"

My kitchen feels so clean

Its nicer than I've ever seen

You are safe on wood floors

I wonder if you can be used on doors

You cleaned up all the grime

that just appears all the time

Dog prints, hand prints, foot prints and all

You even cleaned the food that does fall

Oh, I have never been more glad

even when my floor needs cleaning bad(ly)

you are the best spent $50 I have ever spent

I think you were heaven-sent!

Ok, way too cheesy, but I couldn't help myself!


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