Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"The Rules"

1* No todeen (tooting)
2* No Fording (farting) 
3* No bi the eges (no by the edges. I don't remember what this was about) 
4* No kisingn (kissing)
5* No blrding (blurting)
6* No singn (singing)

7* No lafing (laughing)
8* No lafing yin im mad (no laughing when I'm mad)
9* No kapingn (I think this was "no clapping")
10* No skrimingn (screaming)
11* No tlikling (tickling)
12* No slap on the bodam (I think this speaks for itself ;))
13* Dnot wak mee (do not wake me (and she is very serious about this!))
14* Plees do not jop on mi bede (please do not jump on my bed)
15* Plees do no skree me (scare me)
16* I u od lvoe u to not skreem (I would love you to not scream)
17* No been noveey (no being noisy (I think))
18* No takeen mi tos (no taking my toys)
19* No askee qestjis (no asking questions)

Doesn't it sound like fun to be in her room?!?

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